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Burglars are opportunistic thieves.

They seek any opening they can take advantage of, especially unlocked doors or windows that can be forced. Anything of value they spot inside a home spurs them on.

The Metropolitan Police has issued guidance on how to avoid being a victim of burglary.

Giveaways for burglars

Burglars target homes they think have valuables. One sign is packaging from expensive items outside your front door. They are aware of times someone is expected to be away such as during the school run or holidays. So always try to make your home look occupied: leave lights on or use timer switches. You can buy devices which mimic the sound of a dog barking to put burglars off. Or stimulate the blue light of a television being on.

Don’t let them be invisible

Burglars hate being visible. Security lighting and burglar alarms are good deterrents. Burglars often choose a home because they’ve spotted a specific vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle they want to steal. Keep valued items hidden. Sheds and garages are targets for burglars. A burglar will often try a shed first in the hope they can find the tools they need to break into your house.

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