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History of Safety Deposit Lockers

Modern Safe Deposit Lockers have been around since the 1800s. The idea of keeping your valuables secure in a Safe Deposit Locker is not a new one. High Street Banks have been offering this facility for the best part of the twentieth century, although in recent year more and more  have started closing this service at many of their branches.

Burglaries are on the rise

Burglaries are going up. In London, between July 2019 and July 2020, the Metropolitan Police reported a total of 74,076 cases. The most common item to be stolen is jewellery. And Office of National Statistics report that 58% of the time, the homeowner is at home at the time of the burglary.

There is an incredible risk of loss if your jewellery is taken should your home be burgled both in terms of financial and sentimental value.  If stolen, the financial value would take years to rebuild them while the sentimental  value would never be replaced.

Know the value of your jewellery

Most individuals do not have a real idea of the current commercial value of their jewellery often under estimating its true worth. Gold has gone up 50% in the last 5 years and silver has gone up 70%. With prices of gold and silver having risen so much the financial value  of your jewellery might be a lot more than you think.

We offer a service through Prestige Valuations where you can have your jewellery valued in the safety of our premises. You will need to book an appointment directly with them for to take advantage of this service.

Your valuables are safe

Security Deposit Lockers offer a very good solution to keep your valuables safe. Neelkanth Safe Deposit offers state of the art security in giving you peace of mind in knowing that your valuables are safe. Read more about the security we offer in keeping your valuables safe.

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