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Lots of homes get burgled during the cold dark months. You can’t do anything about the weather or loss of light but there are ways to keep your home brighter, lighter and safer in Winter.

Make the dark nights bright

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer this is a golden opportunity for burglars who love to work in the dark. To deter burglars, install security lights which come on when someone comes close. Also keep lights on in your house. Light is the burglar’s enemy. So light up your trees, shrubs, and flower beds too with solar lights that come on automatically in the dark.

Christmas lights

Lots of people now put Christmas lights on earlier than previous years. Christmas lights are pretty and decorate the street not just your house. They also deter burglars.

Homes crammed with goodies

This is the time of the year when homes are crammed full of goodies as people gradually buy all the presents, they are giving over Christmas. Burglars know this. It makes them super keen to target houses they think will have the most valuable presents inside.

Don’t take chances

Here at Neelkanth Safe Deposit we take great care of your valuables. We offer state of the art security to keep your prized possessions and items of sentimental value safely stored. Our highly secured premises are protected round the clock at an affordable price.

So let us take care of your cherished possessions while you enjoy the festive season free from worry.