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You may love Diwali but so do burglars! So if you’re going to an event make sure you lock all your doors and windows, even if you’re only going out for a short time. If you have a burglar alarm, don’t forget to set it. And leave a light on or fit a timer light. If you are staying home keep an eye on your neighbor’s property and report anything suspicious (you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously)

Be safe in a crowd

During Diwali families love to get together and attend celebratory events such as the free festival held at Trafalgar Square, London’s biggest Diwali celebration. Open to all it takes place this year on 23 October 2021.

The large crowd will present an ideal opportunity for pickpockets. So be very discreet with your jewellery or better still don’t go out with any valuables on you. Or perhaps attend a smaller event.

Enjoy Diwali safely

Be aware that while you’re celebrating there are those who see Diwali as an opportunity to rob you. But you can still enjoy the carnival atmosphere if you take precautions to ensure your valuables are safe.

Lock your valuables away from your home

If you want to really relax and enjoy Diwali without worrying the only way to feel completely secure is to lock your valuables away in a safe deposit setting. At Neelkanth Safe Deposit we have many years’ experience looking after people’s most prized possessions.

We offer you the best protection

Here at Neelkanth Safe Deposit, we offer you around-the-clock security for all your valuables at an affordable price. Your contents insurance protects monetary value. But you can never replace sentimental value. So this Diwali don’t take any chances. Enjoy the festival.