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As an industry leader, Neelkanth Safe Deposit was invited to take part in the prestigious Parliamentary Review which shares best practice among policy makers and business leaders. Read the full article on the Parliamentary Review website.

Why there is a need for Safe Deposit Centres

From fortified safes in the mid-17th century to modern-day graded vaults with state-of-the-art security, there’s long been a need to keep valuables safe.

People used to store share certificates, wills and title deeds in safes. The rise of digitisation and electronic securitisation has reduced the need for storing documents but you cannot digitise your jewellery!

Demand for keeping jewellery safe has increased over the last 20 years. With low interest rates many people prefer to invest in gold which nearly always holds its value. Somewhere to keep it secure is vital. Most banks no longer offer this service so if you want to ensure your valuables are safe you need a secure safe deposit environment.

What sets us apart

We at Neelkanth Safe Deposit appreciate that London is home to diverse communities, many of which have long traditions of accumulating jewellery, precious stones and other items with high financial and sentimental value. We understand these communities as we come from them ourselves and recognise the high value placed on jewellery by many in Asian communities.

Safety at an affordable price

With burglaries and street muggings in London on the increase more and more people are using us to keep their valuables secure. We offer the most modern, up-to-date security systems at an affordable price.

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